5 Delightful Designs to Brighten Up Your Backsplash

5 Delightful Designs to Brighten Up Your Backsplash

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Usually, when a person has a kitchen, there is one specific item or design that they are truly proud of or consider to be an important aspect of the space. For some people, it’s the flooring that they took weeks to pick out. For others, it’s the exotic marble countertops they had shipped in from Italy. But, for even more people, it’s the backsplash that they took the creative time and money to help create.

It used to be that a backsplash tile was meant for just that – a backing that would allow splashes to go on it. It was easy to clean, but that’s about all it really was. These days, kitchen backsplash tiles are more than just an efficient way to keep the space cleaned up. It’s a way to add more design and style to the kitchen (or bathroom). The great thing about a kitchen backsplash tile is that they can come in all sorts of materials, colors, shapes, designs and more for any type of backsplash idea you may have .

You can even go traditional and do just the first 4-8 inches up, or you can go a little more unconventional and do the entire wall if you want.                                

Metal Tile

These little stainless steel metal backsplash tiles are very cool looking. They tend to have a little reflection on them which will add layers to your kitchen, but the reflection also can make the room look bigger. We’re not talking about mirror reflective, just metal tiles which reflect light. These would be a really good design option for a modern or even rustic kitchen where you have other additions of metal like stainless steel counters or a sub-zero fridge to help accentuate the backsplash.


Wooden Backsplashes


This is, again, good for a modern or rustic kitchen but surely you could find either decor styles it could fit with. You can go retro and find salvaged or recycled wood – even old wood flooring would work. Or you can consider buying the wood brand new from a kitchen store for your backsplash. These can come in tiles both large and small, as well as planks and single sheets. The look you choose is going to depend on the type of wood and the style you want.


Glass Tile Backsplashes


These tile backsplashes are exactly what they sound like. They are cut using a water jet saw and can come in a whole bunch of shapes and sizes. Not only do they come in tiles, but entire plates of glass that go behind your stove, your sink and even higher than the cabinet space if that’s what you want.

Some manufacturers will actually color the glass. But, you can also find a cheaper option and do it yourself by finding thick glass and then painting the back of the glass. You would then use a clear adhesive to “stick” the glass to the wall and the paint from the other side would show through the glass.


Marble Slabbed Backsplashes


Marble, out of all of these options, is going to be the most expensive option, but it’s worth it. Marble is one of those natural materials that screams luxury, sophistication, and class. It would work well in a traditional setting, but would work just as well in a minimalistic or modern, perhaps industrial design kitchen or bathroom.

Depending on the marble you use, you are going to have different backgrounds and veins running through the stone. This is a good option for you because it allows you to have this classy stone in your kitchen and yet match it up with your other materials.

In terms of the most common type which is the white background with gray veins, this goes really well with chocolate brown, beige, white, gray and of course silver.

marble-backsplash-tilePebble/Stone Backsplashes

These are really neat and very uncommon. I think the reason behind that is many people are scared to do it. But, if you sit down and make a plan, perhaps buy some design software, and do the layout of your kitchen with all of your things in it and then do the design blueprint for the stone, you could essentially put this in your kitchen with no regrets. The pebbles are of course smaller stones. You can either place these flush against the wall by slicing the stones in half, or go crazy and place them on their sides against the wall. This would look really cool for a French country, English tea, or Italian inspired kitchen. The stones are going to be a tad larger but you could do the same thing to these that you would do to the pebbles. The biggest thing about these stones is that they aren’t all going to be the same color. Stones are, after all, natural, so you are going to be able to pick out “hues” that are about the same.

pebble-backsplash-tile-2 pebble-backsplash-tile

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