Best Flooring For Kids

Best Flooring For Kids

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Best Kids Flooring

When you have kids, there are just certain things you think about or worry about, then if you didn’t have kids. One of those things in a house is the flooring. Is it safe for them? Does the material contain chemicals that can be passed onto them? Is the floor soft enough for them to crawl on and play on? Well, these are probably just a few of the questions you might be asking yourself. Because of this, we have created a small guide below on the best flooring options for kids. And no, carpet is not one of them!

Kid Friendly Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

This may not be the most comfortable choice to choose from, however, they are incredibly durable which makes them great for kids. Whether they tip their sippy cup and apple juice gets on the floor or your older kids like to race their little cars around on the floor – this is a flooring material that will stand up to the test of time… and your kids! Make sure to take a look at the oak, this is by far and wide the strongest and one of most durable material in flooring, with that said if you are interested in hardwood flooring then Australian Cypress Hardwood floor is another good durable and hard material and should be used for kids flooring alternative to hardwood flooring is laminate flooring which we will discuss in later part of this article. Well as for hardwood we recommend that when choosing stains, remember that a lighter color is going to cover up things like stains and scratches more than a darker color of wood.

 Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Bamboo Wood Flooring

This is growing in popularity for homes with kids, as well as pets. It’s quite easy to install and take care of as well as maintain and clean. It’s also a wood material that found in nature and it’s quite a hard wood material. Also, since it’s Eco-friendly and sustainable, you won’t feel bad for getting this flooring material! The strongest type of bamboo is going to be strand woven, while the other kind called caramelized bamboo is the weakest of the two.

Bamboo Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Love the look of wood flooring but can’t afford it? No problem! Laminate floors are becoming all the rage over the last few years because people love hardwood flooring but don’t love the cost of it since hardwood flooring prices can be high. Well, laminate flooring comes in an array of stains, and this is a pretty durable and easy to clean material which makes it great for kids. If you have laminate floors all you need to keep it looking good is a dust pan, a vacuum cleaner, and a damp mop! this is also a really good option for families or kids with allergies, unlike carpet, laminate flooring won’t hold in dust, mites or other issues like pollen.


Kids Floor Mats

If you do want a material that doesn’t bode well with kids, that’s okay too. In this day and age, you do have options available to you such as kid’s floor mats. These mats can be placed right on top of your floor you have now and they are interlocking pieces which mean they are easy to install, uninstall and move when company comes over. You can find bright and vibrant colors which are good for smaller children but you can also find colors that work better with your home as well such as white, gray, black, silver and beige. These are a really great option for a play area or a child’s bedroom as well.


Vinyl Flooring – Tough To Beat!

Vinyl flooring is a kick butt material. It’s probably one of the strongest and yet cost efficient materials available. It’s really pretty, and it comes in different “looks” though wood is the most popular faux material. It’s incredibly easy to clean and take care of, it’s not ever going to rip, tear or shred and it’s resistant to water which is even nicer! There is, of course, one big disadvantage of this type of flooring. It does have harsh chemicals if you get the flooring from a manufacturer that uses that type of process. There are other options available to you such as greener friendly companies that won’t have VOC’s in them or you can just tell the company, no, I don’t want that!


All of these are good options and of course, have their own benefits. But, two main aspects usually trump over cost when it comes to kids; comfort and health. If these are the two things you are concerned about, consider looking into laminate, kid’s mats or bamboo for your kids flooring.


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