Most Common Types of Bathroom Flooring Options

Most Common Types of Bathroom Flooring Options

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Tiles in Bathroom Natural Stone

People seem to automatically think that if you are placing a floor material in the bathroom, then it has to be vinyl. But, that’s just not the case. These days materials that “shouldn’t” go in a bathroom actually are able to because of how they are designed, what materials are used to build them and of course how they are manufactured. So don’t just cut a material off of your list because it’s not a traditional flooring material, especially if it’s something you really love! Below you will find the best bathroom flooring options – conventional, and unconventional.

Natural Stone Tile in Bathroom

Vinyl Tiles – Vinyl Sheets

Okay just because this is the most common material doesn’t mean it’s not going to be listed here. Vinyl tends to be very common for a few different reasons. First off, it’s super moisture friendly. It doesn’t matter if you are using sheets or tiles; this is the perfect material to use in a bathroom where it can get hot, humid and moist – and wet! Its high practicality makes it perfect for any room, especially the bathroom. This is also good for any type of bathroom have it be a ½ bath, powder room, bathroom, or a master bathroom. These are also much more aesthetically pleasing than they used to be. They come in every color under the sun, including patterns and can be made to look, like other materials like ceramic or wood. Lastly, both vinyl tiles and sheets are incredibly budget friendly. Prices start at around 95 cents per square foot. Chances are you won’t find anything else cheaper than that!


Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Both of these tile materials are a superb option for a bathroom. In fact, you know this to be true because many bathtubs and showers are made with the background being either porcelain or ceramic tiles! These are both also cool because of the options they come in – many different colors and styles as well as shapes and designs. Even more so than the vinyl tiles and sheets above. These work quite well in moist, humid or wet environments, like the bathroom. The biggest negative to these is that they can be slippery in a bathroom especially for flooring so make sure that you put shower mats down in front of your tub or in front of your sink to ensure that you have no accidents!. Tiles made with porcelain are fired at a much higher temperature so they also are harder and stronger than ceramic tiles do come with options such as mat finish and if you are careful with your selection you can get a mat finish porcelain tile that will be slip resistance and would be the best bathroom tile. After all, both ceramic and porcelain start at around $1.09 per square foot though so you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Porcelain in Bathroom Tile

Stones Tiles and Slabs

Stone, especially natural stone, is seen a lot in a kitchen. But, what about a bathroom? Well, it’s common enough and it adds a certain sense of luxuriousness that’s for sure. Some options to consider are granite or marble. These are both very easy to clean and maintain, and they work well with moisture and water, therefore, they are one of our selected option as flooring for bathrooms. Again, like with the tiles above, just be careful not to slip! Stone tiles, depending on the specific material, comes in all sorts of textures, sizes, colors and more. In fact, most natural stones will be different hues of the color you choose. For example, if you choose yellow gold, you will find different hues of yellow gold from bright yellows to gold yellows to Dijon yellow. A lot of people like this because it adds character to the bathroom. On the other hand, some people don’t!

Natural Stone Tile in Bathroom

Laminated Planks

Let’s be honest, regular old wood in the bathroom is a big no no. As soon as even a splash of water hits that wood it’s probably going to be stained forever – even if you pick it up right away. But, with laminate wood planks, you don’t have the same issues because it’s not made the same way. Also, laminate wood planks have factory finishes on them which is said to be one of the strongest coatings around. This makes it ideal for the bathroom; it adds aesthetic appeal, but you won’t ruin it by stepping on it or accidentally getting water on it!

Laminate Flooring Plank

Cork Tiles or Cork Sheets

Cork is something somewhat new and yet it’s catching on like wildfire. This is a material that looks a lot like wood, but it’s actually got a very soft underfoot to it which also makes the bathroom warmer and cozier. Wood is great and it can add a lot to a room, but in those cold winter months, it can get ice cold on your feet. In comes cork, it’s not like this, it always has a warmish feel under your feet, its soft, and with 2 coats of poly, it can help with the watery moisture in a bathroom.


There you have it, most common bathroom flooring options available to both conventional and unconventional.

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