Design Tips to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Design Tips to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

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Like with any other remodeling project, there are certain things that you are required to know about before you actually get into the project. A bathroom remodel is no different. If this is something you are thinking about doing, and you are in the process of finding a contractor, or you just want to know what this all entails, consider reading the article below for more information.

Consider Placing The Toilet Away From The Door

When you have a private master bedroom and a bath this probably won’t pertain to you. But, your bathroom can be seen from other sections of the house like a powder room bathroom, or a guest bathroom, consider installing the toilet away from direct eye view of the door. Oftentimes your bathroom doors will get left open. The last thing that you are going to want to see whether sitting in another room or just walking past, is the toilet. Anything else can be the focal point, but the john should not be it.

Think About Keeping Those Vintage Finishes

When you do a bathroom remodel, the whole point is to change the look of it, update it and freshen it up. But, when you are living in an older house and you have some vintage items like wall tiles , it might be in your best interest to keep them as is. With an old house, you never know what really lies beneath a wall tile. Especially if the home has had several owners over the years. You could have inches of concrete under the tiles – or worse wire lath. If you do, the labor to get rid of this alone is going to skyrocket your bill. Wouldn’t it just be easier to clean it up?

Keep The Sink

Having an older home that has never really been updated in the past 20 years or so, you might have a really oddly colored sink – pink, blue, even green. At first glance, this is probably one of the things you wanted to get rid of. But… what if you didn’t? There are many instances out there of homes just like yours that have these not so pretty sink colors and yet they kept them. Once they got around to fixing and remodeling everything else, the sink, albeit still the same color, just meshed better with the overall room. Here, take a look below at this orange colored bathroom. Pretty eh? Right? Well, the owners decided that instead of ripping it all out, they would just accentuate the look and couple it with greens on the walls.


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Sometimes pulling everything out isn’t your best option. Sometimes working with it, rather than against it is in your best interest. Plus, with keeping the tile and just adding more tile, they actually saved a lot of money. Now obviously when you are turning this into a modern bathroom this same trick probably wouldn’t work because those colors aren’t really modern, but you get the idea.

Think About A Corner Sink

When you have a smaller bathroom and you feel like everything is going to be cramped, consider a corner sink with a vanity around it. These vanities actually get anchored to the wall – there is no bottom part, no toe kicker, etc. they just stick to the floor and wall around the sink. This corner sink is going to give you a lot more room to work with. Here’s an example for you:


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Mini Tubs Are Available!

Also, when you have a smaller bathroom you might automatically think that you can’t have a tub. Don’t think so. There are manufacturers who make mini tubs. These are still functional, yet pretty, and they will actually fit in your bathroom. A good one to check out is the Amalfi by Victoria and Albert. These tend to have a more modern feel to them, but when you look around, you can find other styles as well. Just look for terms like small tub, chic tiny tub or mini tub.

Triple Check Material Sizes

Make sure that when you decide on material sizes, for something like tile flooring, you call your tile shop and verify the size that it’s 12×12 inches, not 12×12 millimeters, since tile flooring material such as porcelain come in variety of sizes and the reason you want to make sure the size is because the inches and the millimeters are two different measurement scales. So if you end up purchasing the incorrect flooring size your bathroom design then your bathroom renovation project will not look complete once the flooring is installed.


Furthermore, the reason why a tile comes in many different sizes is to allow you to design a bathroom, a kitchen or a foyer based on the available footprint that you may have. For example, let say if your bathroom size is small you would not want a travertine tile or any other type of tile to be of a large size because it makes the flooring look odd.


A lot of companies, especially ones where you get imported tiles, are from other places like UK, Italy, etc. and they won’t use the same sizes as they do in USA or in Canada. It’s better to call them and make sure so you don’t buy hundreds of dollars in tiles, receive them, only to realize that you got the wrong size.

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