Gourmet Kitchens For People Who Love To Cook

Gourmet Kitchens For People Who Love To Cook

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Let’s just put it out there. There are people that love to cook in their kitchens – fresh ingredients, they put on some music, they probably have a funny or cool apron they wear, and they really enjoy themselves. Then, there are the people that hate to cook. Cooking to them is putting a meal in the microwave for 2 minutes. That’s okay! But, if you are going to read the article below, you should love to cook because this is going to be a really fun and exciting article for you to read!

These are ideas – design or otherwise, for kitchens and people that love to cook.

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Professional Grade versus Professional Functioning and Style


A lot of people goof up when they are figuring out what kinds of products to put in their kitchens. One thing you have to understand is that professional grade is going to be a professional item that a restaurant or hotel kitchen would use. Not only are they unnecessary for a home kitchen, they are really heavy and overly expensive. Instead, you could just get a professional functioning stove, griddle, fridge, oven and hood that function like they would in a professional kitchen, and they look professionally done. Usually, these are in stainless steel with black trim, black accents, or black glass. But, some professional functioning and looking stoves like Viking (amazing brand!) might have other color options available for you. These are also going to be much less expensive so you don’t blow your entire budget on just appliances! Another thing to look for that should be in any gourmet kitchen is gas ranges. Convection cooks quicker, but people love the look and feel of a gas range (flame).

Flooring Needs – Luxury versus Necessity


I am sure everyone that loves to cook would love a big beautiful wood floor gourmet kitchen. But, these can become expensive, especially in a kitchen because of the expansive space and because you do need wooden flooring that can stand up to all that foot traffic, spills and accidents that happen in a kitchen. However, there is one alternative, laminate wood flooring which costs less and can withstand foot traffic, spills, and accidents. The laminated wood floorings or simply known as “laminate flooring” are usually super budget friendly and incredibly beautiful. Do you want oak? You got it. Do you want maple? Let’s go! Do you want hickory? It’s available! Make sure that you sit down and really figure out the next functioning material versus luxury and try to find material right in between like laminate wood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring.

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Countertop Materials for the Kitchen


A big rookie mistake, one that even some experienced chefs still can make is taking a really hot sauce pot and placing it on the laminate countertop. Oh No! If you are a rookie, you begin to smell something, hear bubbling, cracking, etc. If you are an experienced chef you probably let out an “oh crap” and tried to remove it quickly, but it’s too late folks. You just placed a hot pot on a material where you shouldn’t be doing that! Any real Chef or cook is going to have countertops that can withstand anything, even a hot pot. Make sure that you use materials like porcelain, natural stone, stainless steel and even wood for your countertops. Even if it means spending a little extra, do it! You will also find that these materials tend to be easier to clean up and maintain and they are pretty hygienic too. The same rule goes for kitchen islands, use materials that are easy to clean, look pretty, are effective against heat and look amazingly good!


Double Wide Sink / Farmhouse


There is nothing cheesier and cheaper looking in a gourmet kitchen where you would love to cook is two separate stainless steel basin sinks. Don’t do it! Invest in a well-made double wide sink. Some of the best materials include; granite, porcelain, composite, stone, etc. These are all very beautiful to look at, they are pretty easy to maintain, and they come in a lot of different texture, color, and styling options so you can really custom it to make it look good with the other aspects in your gourmet kitchen! Make sure that when you get your nice big sink you also pick accessories like colanders and knife blocks that fit into or by the sink.

Open Functional Floor Plans


A gourmet kitchen isn’t only beautiful it’s functional. If you like to move around or like to cook with your mate, make sure that when it comes down to planning the work triangle that you make enough remove between the fridge, the range, and the sink so you or you and they can move around the kitchen freely without bumping into things, or each other! If you don’t like the idea of a triangle, at least consider work zones for your layout so that there is a “space” for every “function.”


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