Japanese Kitchen Design Ideas

Japanese Kitchen Design Ideas

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Japanese Kitchen Design Ideas

Creating a Japanese style kitchen is actually quite easy if you know about the different aspects of what’s expected in a Japanese kitchen. For thousands of years, Japanese decor has been built upon tradition and architecture, as well as various types of materials. The first thing to understand about Japanese decor and style is that any move you make should be a balanced look and feel, that is clean and organized, that also adds a touch of natural materials such as wood flooring, wood cabinets, and granite countertops. For instance, this will be something that you will see a lot in a Japanese style kitchen.

Japanese Kitchen Design Ideas

Below we will be talking about Japanese decor in a more detailed manner.


Bringing The Outside, Inside

The easiest way to create a Japanese decor is by bringing aspects of the outdoors, indoors. You can do this by adding in specific wood such as adding a bamboo as flooring. Bamboo is a very traditional wood in terms of the Japanese culture. Bamboo flooring are a lot like hardwood flooring in that they add a sense of warmth and beauty to your kitchen, but bamboo has few more, benefits.

For example, it’s incredibly Eco-friendly. Bamboo is made from a natural material found in nature and it grows like crazy! Also, it’s quite easy to maintain and to clean and it’s more water resistant than natural hardwood. The above aspects make it ideal for any home – especially the kitchen.

Other options to consider adding to your kitchen would be greenery. Two of the best options and ones that are often seen in Japanese style kitchen are Bamboo Plants and Bonsai. If you want to add colorful plants or flowers you can also think about Cherry Blossom, Plum Blossom or Palms. Cherry Blossoms are synonymous with Japan. There are even poems and stories written around the flower and in art pieces.


Japanese Style Sliding Doors or Screens

Another aspect of Japanese decor is to add sliding doors or screens. Usually, these are not going to be made out of glass. Instead, you would want to use something like rice paper and a wooden frame. These doors, originally called a Shoji are an essential design in any home or any space that is trying to emanate a Japanese style. Not only are these a good style option, but they also allow for privacy too. You can even build these in a DIY project! You just need to pick a quality paper that is translucent and a type of wood. Some woods to consider are; Beech, Maple, Cherry, Fir, Cedar, etc. However, Beech is one of the most popular choices. Just make sure that the wood you choose, also fits well with the other woods in the home, especially the kitchen; like the floor. On the other hand, if you don’t have room for a Shoji or you think it feels too traditional, you do have another option available to you; Shoji style cabinet doors. These are really neat looking and they would work perfectly in a Japanese style kitchen. You can see an example below.


Kitchen Accents

We spoke about wood screens, cabinets and floors above. But, if you want to achieve a real Japanese look in a kitchen, you have to also use wood throughout the kitchen in other elements as well. Some other aspects would include; wood walls, wood frames, wood molding, etc. Everything should be made of wood, and make it as natural as you can. Wood laminates would work well with the wood accent wall, but for the frames, you would be better off going with something like Red Pine, Bamboo, Hemlock or even Maple. Wood adds a sense of peacefulness and calmness which works perfectly with a Japanese style kitchen. Even something as simple as your pantry shouldn’t have a wooden door that opens on a hinge. Instead, it should be a decorative wood sliding door.



With a Japanese style kitchen, it would all be very organized and clean. You also won’t find a lot of clutter in a Japanese kitchen. No knick knacks. Nothing that doesn’t need to be there. In a sense, a Japanese kitchen is very much like that of a Modern kitchen. All of the furniture in the kitchen, as well as the island if you want one, should all be sleek in design and made out of wood. All of the lightings in your kitchen should have a modern look to it – angular in shape such as square or rectangular lights Japanese Lanterns are incredibly popular in kitchens.


Prominent Colors

It doesn’t have to be all wood colors and materials. You can include other colors such as deep reds, grays and of course whites throughout.

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