Things You Didn’t Know About HGTV

Things You Didn’t Know About HGTV

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HGTV is one of those channels that most people don’t realize just how important they are. Unlike the thousands of other channels out there, HGTV gives people enjoyment, but it also educates them on how to decorate, remodel, renovate, fix things around the house and more. Essentially HGTV is a learning channel, but in a different aspect than something like TLC or PBS. Here are some things you might not know about this amazing channel and website.

Old With Age and Experience

Some channels come and go, but HGTV has been around for awhile. In fact, the channel first started way back in December 1994. While they might have started out as a website and TV show that was designed to help people that were homeowners and buyers, it eventually turned into a Design Hub that now revolves around a whole slew of topics. Some of those topics include; bathroom renovations, how to paint a room, and what to think about when renovating. HGTV also has a few special additions as well such as HGTV Dream Home where viewers can win a beautiful house, car, cash and more. In terms of Design and Decor magazines, websites and TV shows – HGTV is the top read, visited and watched companies in the country.

Adding Value To Your Home

Not only is HGTV fun to watch, but their website, magazine and their channel include an array of topics to help you add value to your home if you plan on selling either now or down the line. Not many people were once aware of the best remodels to do, or the best additions to add on to your house, but thanks to HGTV we now know exactly which rooms, features, and options to add on to add more value to a house. For example, adding value with remodeling may have been a guessing game before, but now according to HGTV room projects like bathroom renovations, kitchen updates, and bathroom upgrades all add value to a house! Also, sub-projects like bathroom renovations and adding new flooring, new cabinets, and new tile can also add value to space and your home.

Offering Quality Products

It doesn’t matter if you want to redecorate your living room with new pillows, couches/chairs, an area rug and some new paint or you want to renovate your bathroom with new paint, new mirrors, and open shelving, HGTV has a place on their website where they recommend quality stores to work with. The place on the website is called HGTV Home and they have an array of sections such as Custom Upholstery, Baby, Outdoor Living, Paint, Wallpaper and even Plants where you can find reputable companies to buy these products from. The products and websites are picked out by Nancy Fire who is the Design Director of HGTV.

High Demand Live TV Stats

Unlike a lot of other channels and networks that you DVR and then watch later, HGTV has the highest number of people that watch their channel live when the shows are on. This just goes to show the high demand for content that they are giving people and in turn how badly people want and need the information that is broadcasted. One of the reasons for this is probably because everyday people such as yourself love shows like Property Brothers and Fixer Upper, but also because a lot of people have the need for the information they are. broadcasting right now. Whether you are trying to sell your home and want ideas on how to fix it up, or you are doing a bathroom renovation or remodel and you need tips on how to go about this, or you simply have a fix it issue that needs fixing now – HGTV shows offer all this and much more.

Tons Of Shows Available

Some people that don’t watch HGTV probably just think it’s the same types of shows over and over again. While they might be in the home and decor niche, all of the shows on HGTV are different; different businesses, different people, different types of shows. Property Brothers, for instance, might not be able to help make your specific home better, but it’s fun as heck to watch. On the other hand, Fixer Upper which is compromised of a Wife and Husband team is entertaining to watch, but chip and Joanna also give you a lot of on the spot ideas in terms of design/architecture and decorating.

Property Brothers Fixer upper

HGTV is unlike any other website, channel or brand out there right now. So if you want to have entertainment tied in with information and education, this is definitely the channel to consider. Plus since you have a magazine, channel, and website you can always rest assured that you will get your fix, day or night!

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