Useful Kitchen Additions

Useful Kitchen Additions

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Kitchen Additions

Over the past 30 years, there have been so many products, introductions and advancements for a kitchen that it’s almost become overwhelming with the amount of choices available! Almost. Above all the other rooms in a house, the kitchen is not only the place that has seen the most advancements (even out beating the living room) but it’s also the place where most families tend to spend the most amount of time. Some people relax in their kitchens, kids do school work, you and your mate might like to cook or eat in the kitchen, even more, some people just go in there to read a book and unwind from the day. Because of this, it’s important that when you are designing/redesigning or remodeling/renovating a kitchen or even doing upgrades that you add in all the necessary advancements. Not only is this going to make you and your families live easier, but adding these items in will also increase your home value too.


Dishwasher – #1 Kitchen Necessity!


If you’ve ever had a home without a dishwasher you know it can be a pain. It’s almost grueling to have to wash each dish by hand, to have the perfectly shaped or elongated brush and scrubber to get into your taller glasses to get every bit of food and drink out of them. It’s annoying. But, it doesn’t need to be because the #1 addition in a kitchen is a dishwasher. Not just any dishwasher, though. Personally, I would rather have no dishwasher than to have some dinky little machine. Instead, consider a full dishwasher that has the capabilities to fit all of your dishes, silverware, drinkware and more, with spots for specific items like a knife rack, a cooking utensil rack, etc. Also, consider ones that are energy efficient – this help save on your energy bills every month and they are still functional and attractive.


Pantry – #2 Kitchen Necessity


Storage for food is so important and you don’t realize how important until you don’t have it. When redesigning your kitchen, make space for a pantry. Even if it’s a smaller width but deeper or shallow but long, just do it! This is a great place to store doubles or triples of items you have, it’s a great way to stay organized, and it can be used for things like dog/pet food, smaller appliances you only use once in a while (toaster oven, George foreman counter grill, etc.). These can be huge space savers. If you want a more private one, add on a door. If you like the open look and can manage to stay organized, keep it open!


Kitchen Island – #3 Kitchen Necessity


Some people would consider a kitchen island a luxury. however, kitchen island also known as kitchen countertop is really not a luxury but necessity. It’s functional therefore it’s a necessity. Not only does it add counter space for things like your cutting boards, but a lot of the natural stones like marble and granite can actually be used to make cookies on (right on the surface) make pizza dough, make pie dough, etc. These also usually have additional features like drawers for extra storage, shelves, and cabinets for cookbooks, a recycling bin and garbage bin, a warmer and more. They are super customizable. They also allow for extra seating!

Kitchen Island

In Wall Microwaves #4 Kitchen Necessity


When microwaves were first introduced people thought that they were the most amazing thing they ever saw. And they are. Even for a Chef or a cook, a microwave is still a necessity. An in wall microwave takes that another step in terms of function and necessity by taking it off of the counter space (to create a more organized look and create more space!) and instead moves it into the wall. Another common choice is to have a microwave above a stove top. Just make sure that when you plan for a microwave, you make sure that all of your other big appliances match it and they won’t clash with color or material. For example, if you have a smooth stainless steel stove, exhaust hood, and an oven and then all you can find is a brushed nickel microwave – it’s going to look out of place. Plan for the microwave before anything else and everything else should fall into place nicely.


Proper Flooring – #5 Kitchen Necessity


This is a no-brainer, right? If you are going to be spending a lot of time on your feet in a kitchen the proper flooring is going to make you or break you. Choose something comfortable to stand on for long periods of time, easy to clean and maintain, something durable and something pretty to look at every day. Hardwood flooring, laminate wood flooring, and porcelain tiles are super popular right now and have been over the past few years so it’s definitely something to consider looking at.

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